Monday, May 4, 2009

Nutella Love

Today my boys and I made some delicious Nutella Banana Muffins (we call them cupcakes at my house because cupcakes are much more likely to get eaten by the kids than muffins are!). We are big fans of Nutella here, but since beginning my quest to shed pounds (which, I'm happy to announce, I am down 2 pant sizes! Whoot! Whoot!) I haven't been breakin' open the jar as much. I have had a huge Costco sized jar in my cabinet for 2 months, so I thought it was time for a little treat!

My kids love to help me bake, but it's very hard to do it in an organized and neat manner with all three. Usually my 2 year old has her hand in everything generally making an obscene mess, so I reserved some special time just for my boys while the baby took her nap. We had lots of fun, and the mess was kept to a minimum!

If you love Nutella, you must make this recipe! It really is to die for! I took the liberty of spreading a thin layer of the spread on top like frosting, and added a small sprinkling of powdered sugar! Yum!

If you make them, let me know how they were!


You'll be happy to know the huge pile of Laundry is gone! It's now possible to walk through the hallway without fear of a broken ankle! Gotta love that!

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