Friday, March 28, 2008

As if I don't have enough on my plate already! I just opened a new store dedicated to supplies, destash, and vintage goodies! You can find it here: Sweetaddie Vintage

Here is a quick peek of some of the fun things I just added to the shop last night:

These are the cutest little vintage jelly jars! I found a bunch, and just couldn't pass them up! They are perfect fro storing your little bits and bobs, buttons, beads, office equipment, you name it!

This is so adorable! A sweet Brush and comb set I would keep it for myself, but my boys would probably destroy it! It is probably from the 20's or 30's.

OK, I just have to show you this absolutely perfect, pink vintage jewelry box I just got for my baby girl! I know she isn't even walking yet, but I couldn't let this pass me by! The best part is it still works, and the original key came with it!!

Pink leatherette with a pretty gold design on top!

The inside is pink velvet! The tiny ballerina still turns around in dance. She is missing her tutu, but she is still beautiful!

Since I'm showing you the box for my daughter, I thought, why not share some pics of her room! I had two boys before her, so when she came along I got the green light to decorate her room as girly as possible! I've had so much fun making it a special little place just for her!

This rocker has been with us since my first child, and I am so glad I went with this neutral pale green color! I think I have always secretly been hoping for a girl, and thought green would work for both! The little darker cream shelf was found for just $4. It was an ugly brown color, so I gave it a shabby chic makeover! The peg shelf holds some of my mother-in laws dresses from when she was a child. Aren't they cute? I have several of her little dresses, and the cutest pink corduroy jacket with tiny Scottie dogs embroidered on it. The little dresser is actually a changing table too! The whole thing can be flipped over, and the decorative skirt on the bottom becomes the sides of the changer! Isn't that ingenious! The drawers can even be taken out and flipped over to accommodate either way you use it!

The little doll on the shelf, was my first dolly as a child!

Cute huh?

My Mother-in-law made this bunny out of an antique quilt!

My mom got this chair from Home Goods
This place is seriously addicting! Just a warning!!

Her Pottery Barn bedding, that I got for a steal on Ebay! Brand new too! I think it was an older pattern, but who cares!

These are Pottery Barn too, but alas I did pay full price for these! They hang right above her crib.
I saved the best for last! The balloon shade is Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic, from Target. The Glittered letters were made by the very talented Sophie Rose Designs
She made this custom for me! You have to check out her site, for the most amazing shabby & Cottage style treats!

Oh, I forgot to mention! I am now a member of the Cottage Style Street! Yeah!

Till' next time...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Now don't let this sweet Little face fool you! Although I do have to say, he is adorable (biased, me?)!

This little cutie found a new way to mortify mommy today! Today I was informed by his pre-school teacher when picking this child up, that he had decided using the toilet to do his business was just a total waste of time! He instead pulled his little pants down and peed right out side the playhouse in the school playground!!! I could have died! The sad thing is this behavior was probably learned by the biggest kid in our family, my husband!

Well he chastised, as he should have been, and felt very bad for his behavior! The tears were very sincere, and I have a feeling this is the last time that will be happening! After realizing this was not a condoned behavior, I think he was actually embarrassed!

Here's a couple of pics of the other two babies, just so they are not left out:

Aren't the boys outfits cute? Those are courtesy of my mother in law. My husband works in the Golf industry, and she just had to get the outfits when she saw them!

Baby Addie is wearing a gorgeous dress from Janie and Jack.
The Dress is dupiani silk, and was obscenely expensive originally, but I got it after Christmas for a steal, and saved it for Easter! Aren't I the smart one!

So want to see what I have added to my Etsy shop? Well too bad I'm gonna show you anyway cause it's my Blog! Hee, Hee! Here we go:

This is one of the cute Little tiaras I have been working on. I was inspired by a vintage Tiara i found at a local Antique shop (that coincidentally carries some of my designs!). I loved the idea of making some modern ones with vintage components.

And this is my Peaches and Cream Vintage
Cluster Ring
. Fun Vintage beads, vintage enameled
flowers, and sterling silver.

Well, till' next time ...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

OK... So I didn't post the same night I said I would! So sue me! As I said in my first post, I recently started a part time job in the eves. I love doing something that is just for me, and it get me out of the house with a purpose! I did not realize how tired I was going to be though! Well I guess I can't complain. I wanted my cake, and now I have to eat it!

So on to much better (and prettier!) topics! I recently did an Easter swap organized by the sweet Genevieve at Bella Enchanted.

This was my very first swap and I loved every minute of it! My husband thinks I'm crazy, but I love putting together beautiful things for someone I know will appreciate it! My partner was Rachel, the sweetest girl with a major love for chippy furniture, vintage fabrics and trims, and anything shabby chic! I thought we made a perfect match!

She was so on the ball. She sent my basket almost immediately! Since she has received my basket already, I though I'd share some pics with you!

Isn't all so fun! She even sent the kids some goodies! They were in heaven! The little doll she made for my daughter is so adorable! That was my favorite!

Well till' next post...

P.S. Please be patient with me! I am still trying to figure out this blog stuff! I know my layout is a little wonky, but I gave up after the 100th time of trying to get it right! Sorry!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hello, Hello!

Hello, everyone! Ok, so I have officially given in to peer pressure! I have entered the blog world to join my fellow crafters. Since I am not as computer savy as some of my commrades, you'll have to bear with me as I learn the ropes.

So Welcome everyone to a behind the scenes look at Sweet Addie!

I should probably introduce myself: My name is Kelly, and I am a Stay at Home mother to three. My daughter was the inspiration behind the name of my business, even before she was born! I also have two adorable little boys that keep me very busy and up to neck in dirty clothes and sticky hugs! I craft in the snippets of "spare time" I find here and there, and generally drive my husband crazy with the trail of beads, and wire I leave everywhere! He is extremely supportive, although he doesn't really "get it"! What man does?!

I recently got a part time job, a few evenings a week. It's nice to get out of babyland for awhile and participate in some grown-up activities! The place is called My Girlfriend's Kitchen
It's a fabulous place to make all
your meals for the week or the month, take them home and freeze them, and then just thaw and cook when you need them! I tell you places like this are a life saver! There will be more about MGFK to come, but for now I'd like to show you some items in my Etsy Shop:

Here are some things I have been working on lately-

This is a gorgeous pink collage I made for my Father in law's Girlfriend. I do take custom orders, so if you see something you like send me an email!

Another Collage Piece from my Buttoned Up collection.

Earrings from my Wall flower Collection.

So That's it for now! I'll probably post again tonight because I have some fabulous things to share with you all! Bye for now!
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