Friday, February 27, 2009


Mmmm! This is what I treated myself to for lunch today. My all time favorite sandwich! Looks and tastes fancy, but is actually a cinch to make. Rustic Baguette, pesto mayo (I just combine a little store bought pesto with Mayo made from olive oil), peppered turkey breast, a little baby lettuce mix, and the best part- A generous slice of Cambozola soft ripened cheese. So good!

I have also been very busy creating lots of new jewelry pieces. I had sorta taken a little hiatus from creating any jewelry, not intentionally, but life just kinda took over and I lost my creative mojo for awhile. It's back now baby, and now I just can't put my pliers down! I had a little problem with my camera, that I mentioned before, but I have remedied the situation so I'll be taking some pics of the stuff I've been working on. I do have a couple to share with you tonight! Hope you like!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My camera is acting up! It's not allowing me to upload pics with the cord do hickey. The camera is taking pics fine, so I think I need to go purchase another thingy that you can stick your memory card into and then stick that into the USB port. Whatever! I just know it's a total pain! I'm trying to convince my hubby to let me get a new camera, but he is firmly holding onto his No position. Maybe A little more complaining about the inadequacies of our current camera will convince him!

Anyway, I have currently been obsessesd with ruffles. I've been seeing them all over Etsy lately and I'm totally wishing I had some extra moola to buy them all!

Here's a few of my favs:

Layered sterling chiffon ruffles atop your finger- Elizabeth Rosas Jewelry

Ruffled Collier no. 4- Elizabeth Wren

Raphaelite Circus Dress/Belt- Desirapesta

Maru Maru headband- Homako

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I have fallen head over heels for Polyvore. If you haven't yet heard of this Fab site, check it out! You can create your own photo montages with pics of fashion, and decor items. It is so much fun, and can get a wee bit addictive!

You can see my recent sets on my sidebar!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I love my babies dearly, but I have to say it's often more than challenging to raise independent, free-thinking children, and not have their independent spirit bite you in the rear! My oldest, who is merely 4, is by far my hardest challenge. he has so much of me in him that it truly takes me by surprise sometimes! He is so sweet, very empathetic to others feelings, outgoing, and is always on the hunt for his newest "best friend". He is also exhaustive in his unending energy and usually too smart for his own good. He has taken up the habit of screaming in a very high pitched voice when he doesn't get his way (which is beyond irritating, and I'm very quickly losing all patience for it!), and his protests can turn into an emotional train wreck as fast as you can blink! he quite frankly has been acting like a spoiled little brat lately!

So what to do, what to do? I'm running out of ideas here folks. We've tried all the typical things like, time-out, taking away privileges, etc. My kid is not so typical (I know, I know I'm the momma so of course I think that about MY child!). Example, after a grueling battle of wills, I told him I was going to throw the T.V away! No more, it's gone, good-bye T.V! That should really make him tremble I thought! Well, he calmly looks me in the eye and says, "the T.V is too big to fit in the garbage can, mom."

Uh, hello dummy! Duh! I seriously I had nothing to say to that! Which is why I'm taking a different tactic now.

Our family is "adopting" a child. I don't need anymore mouths to feed, and I'm not Mrs. Jolie, so we are going to adopt by way of the Christian Children's Fund instead. Maybe the kids are too young, but i think it can't hurt to start teaching them to help others now. I want them to learn to be thankful for what they have, and realize that many other children have far less than they do.

I do know this isn't going to be a magic cure for my four year old's displays of entitlement, but I hope it will plant a seed of awareness and thankfulness.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dec 19th- the day of my last post. Has it really been that long since my last post? I'm afraid so! I have really been focusing on my health lately, which has been long over due. I really want to make an effort to blog more often though. It's hard, what with life getting in the way and all, but I'd like to try.

I have changes in the works for the look of my blog. New year, New Forward thinking President- I think that calls for a blog change too! I'll keep you all posted on that, and I'm even thinking a giveaway may be in order to celebrate the new changes!

Until then, let's Ohh and Ahh over some drool worthy Etsy finds!

  1. Bronze Twig Hair Sticks- 4thesparrowsnest
  2. Aviary Wrap Skirt- Katinka Pinka
  3. Christine Spats- Efiafair
  4. House Finch Eggs- Of Nature Designs

  1. Collect and Carry Pouch- Forest Bound
  2. Terrarium Print- The Black Apple
  3. Soft Wool Beanie- KayLim
  4. Love and Flowers Print- Green Nest
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