Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Latest Purchase

Look what I just purchased from one of my favorite stores! I went looking for a cute something to hang on my newly painted front door (I'll tell you more about that later), but instead found this very Anthro looking quilt and shams. Did I need them, well, no, but I fell in love, and for $50 for the both the shams and quilt, I couldn't pass it up! The colors are not my usual palate, but It seems like my palate is ever changing, and for some reason this quilt just called to me!

My bedroom is pretty much devoid of color. I never painted the walls, so they are builder white and boring. We are putting the house on the market June 1st, so the walls will remain white. The painting over the bed belonged to my Husbands Grandmother. She recently passed away, and I feel privileged to be the new owners of the painting. I believe one of her close friends painted it for her. The colors were a perfect match to the new quilt.

The pillow with the "K" on it actually used to be in my office (before baby girl took over the room). I thought it went well with the quilt, although it might not be nice to have a pillow with just my initial on it, since my hubby shares the bed too! I'll have to find something else to take it's spot!

The bed, well actually the entire bedroom set, was a wedding gift from my parents. It really is more my moms style, very traditional, but It's pretty, and was free! Can't beat that! I love my mommy!

Hope you liked the peek into my bedroom! Bye for now!


nathalie said...

lovely bedroom!! nice things you picked!!!

Brandie said...

Very nice! I just love Anthropologie. I could move right into that store;)

Alisa said...

The quilt set is so pretty! And it's amazing how perfectly the painting goes with it!

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