Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I've told you guys a little bit about my journey towards weight loss and a healthier me, but I haven't given much of the details about what routine consists of. I discovered Zumba about 4 months ago, and have become completely hooked on the Latin infused dance workout! I started dancing at about age 4, and continued throughout high school. I even danced and cheered competitively in high school. I love to move and dance to a good beat, but since having children and gaining weight I'd lost my rhythm! When I stumbled upon Zumba I was so excited to try a form of exercise that actually seemed fun! I own a treadmill, but I'd really rather do laundry than step on that thing! It is sooooo boring! I can't stop looking at the clock when I'm on it!
Now with Zumba, I am going 4 times a week, and the workout is amazing! I'm sweating bullets when it's over, yet the times seems to fly by because it is just so much fun! I'm also doing a toning and weight training class 2 times a week. It's brutal, but effective! My legs are actually burning right now from the million lunges I did in Monday's class!

So it may sound like I'm a spokesperson for Zumba, but really I just wanted to share with you this fun and very effective workout with you guys, because it has truly been the main force in my quest to shape up! There are Zumba class all over the country, so find one near you and try it out! I promise you'll be hooked!


Alisa said...

I have a Zumba workout dvd set and do it several times a week. It is quite the workout, isn't it? And the cool thing is that it works, even when you have two left feet, like I do! lol

Jessie said...

I've been doing Zumba, too! I LOVE it!!

dede warren said...

I think this would be a hoot, and a great way to laugh and get in shape!! You go girl!!

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