Friday, April 17, 2009

Fabulous Friday- Jewlery Display

I stumbled upon the blog Simply Seleta today and thought I'd join in her Fab Friday. If you'd like to participate you can see all the rules here, but basically you just have to blog about something fabulous from your day!

Today I was feeling crafty and have been itching to make some display pieces to hold my jewelry that I sell at a few local shops. So I used my morning to be productive and made two of these cute pin boards to hang my jewelry on!

I already had the frames but they were gold and not very attractive, so I spray painted them aqua and antiqued them a bit. next I wrapped the peg board (what used to be in the frame) with batting and burlap. I screwed the boards back in place and added a little decorative trim to finish the pieces off. I just used pearl tipped straight pins to hang the jewelry, and viola! I have two new pretty pieces to display my wares!

I think these definitely qualify as Fabulous!


dede warren said...

Bravo Kelly, I'm glad you join in Fab Friday's too! Love the jewelry display, cute, cute, cute!!

Happy Friday!

Evy said...

Wow, that is lovely! I really love the idea, very creative, and looks amazing!

Thank you for sharing!

laura drescher said...

good for you!
i love the blue you chose.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly~ What a great idea for your jewlery...I love the colors and the burlap for the backing...perfect! thanks for visiting my blog..hope you have a wonderful Sunday~ Tara

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