Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy B-day to me!

So I got the most fabulous surprise delivered yesterday! I don't know about you all, but I just love to get packages! The anticipation of opening the box, pulling out all the protective packaging, it's just so thrilling! Especially when it is a surprise package!

So back to yesterday...

I was cleaning up the bathroom when the doorbell rang. Low and behold it was the UPS man! What a lovely way to get out of cleaning the bathroom! So here was this big box from Rachel, my lovely Easter Swap partner! She found out it was my birthday and sent me a lovely box of goodies! Inside were some fabulous goodies! Here take a look:

Some vintage wallpaper, a pink vintage Gerber baby cup, and pink baby shoe, an adorable cream ceramic dish shaped liked two hands and cute vintage chandelier crystal and French coin hanging from a blue ribbon!

This was the way the little dish came packaged with the chandelier charm inside this cute little box!

Close up of the vintage chandelier crystal charm.

Vintage toys!This is a a sea shell buckle! Isn't it beautiful!

The back of the buckle.
This was the best surprise of all! The cutest little embellished jean vest for my Addie!
The tiny ruffle details are amazing!
So I have told Rachel she needs to open her own little shop on Etsy! Don't you agree? She makes all kinds of beautiful things but we can't see them on a regular basis! Please Rachel do us all a favor, and open an Etsy shop!!! Pretty Please? But really, Thank you so much for the very thoughtful, and sweet B-day surprise! You made my day!!

***This post was started several days ago!! My life has been so wild lately, it seems like it took forever to get this post done!!

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