Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello again!

I have been gone so long, I almost forgot my way back. I was able to scrape through the sludge, and re-appear with just a few minor scars, to find my way back to you all!

I apologize for my departure. I had no time for goodbyes. But I'm back and looking anew.

These past long months, have been trying, and exhausting, but I am seeing light again, and ready for new beginnings.

I am working on cleaning up my act: readying my new creative space, and re-inventing the face of Sweet Addie. I'll be posting soon with updates on my progress, and a date for my new shop reveal.

I hope you'll decide to journey with me again!


Joiner Family said...

okay so I thought I put a comment already but it is not showing. Sorry if this is a duplicate!

Anyway glad to see you back!

elise said...

So with yeah! (skipping down the road) I love journeys.

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