Wednesday, August 13, 2008

HIgh Speed Troubles!

Hi everyone! I have been out of the Internet loop lately due to a Internet service outage in my area! 7 whole days of no Internet!! I was truly going bonkers! Once the outage was fixed, my box decided it was going on strike, so I had to wait several more days to have a tech. come out and replace my box! Now I'm up and running again! I have several more Sweet Spaces to show you all and I'll start with these two sweet gals:

First up is The Lovely Cindy from Wrens Nest Cottage
Cindy has a gorgeous craft space that would make any crafty girl GREEN with envy! Her style is so country chic! Beautiful neutral colors, and ingenious storage make her room to die for! She makes her own paper, and has a penchant for plain brown boxes! Don't you just love her ribbon storage shown at the top of this post?! I'll be scouring the flea market to copy that idea! Lovely Cindy, just lovely!

Next up is Dorte from Denmark. What a soft and romantic space she has! Dorte creates her beautiful cards and ATC's here in this inspiring space! I could just hunker down and get really creative here, couldn't you!

I'll be adding some more Sweet spaces soon!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics, Cindy and Dorte!


Diane said...

What a wonderful Creative Space, gets me more and more motivated!
Hugs, Diane

Alisa said...

Great inspiration!

quaint handmade said...

i love them both! glad you're back online. and, we got the new computer because our pc sounded like a motorboat for quite a while when we started it ;).

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